Fenêtreproject (Dustin Cauchi & Francesca Mangion), 98.6°F, LOTR ring of power replica, gold plated cast iron, 2016 in New Scenario`s Body Holes & the 9th Berlin Biennale Fear of Content section.
Fenêtreproject (Dustin Cauchi & Francesca Mangion) , Board, rock circle, HD video, 2015

Dustin Cauchi, Adieu Friedrich, HD video, 14mins, 2012.

Dustin Cauchi,‘055XB’, Manfrotto tripod, sea urchin consommé, gelatin, 2015. Installation view Galerie Joseph Tang, Paris.

Dustin Cauchi, Fenêtre Fenêtre, HD video & digitized 16mm film, 16mins, 2013.

Dustin Cauchi, Sant Sant, HD video & digitized 16mm film, 15mins, 2013.

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